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1. To promote healthy competition among the different hotels and restaurants within Pampanga

2. To further promote Pampanga as a culinary destination in Central Luzon

3. To give participants a deeper understanding healthy yet tasty food through the theme “Organic Gourmet”

4. To showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage through food and to further establish the Philippines as center of culinary excellence in Asia

Date & Venue

  1. Registration:  March 22 to April 22, 2017
  2. Cook-Off Challenge Date: April 29, 2017 (Saturday)
  3. Time: 1PM to 5PM
  4. Venue: Robinsons Starmills, San Fernando


  1. The contest will be open and limited to first Fifteen (15) aspring participants from HARP members and non-members as well as from culinary and HRM schools within Pampanga.
  2. Registration Fee is P3, 500 per company/ school; P3, 000 for HARP members 
  3. All qualified participants must fill out the official registration form clearly and legibly.
  4.  Contact details provided (phone numbers and emails) will be used by the organizers to get in touch with the participants.
  5.   Registration Forms are available online ( or may be picked up from Yufuin Japanese Restaurant (First Street, Balibago, Angeles City) or Robinsons Starmills San Fernando.
  6. Orientation of Participants and Deadline of Payments: April 25, 2017 at 2pm, Yufuin Japanese Restaurant.


1st Place - P10, 000 + Plaque + Individual Medals + FREE HARP membership
2nd Place – P7, 000 + Plaque + Individual Medals + FREE HARP membership
3rd Place – P5, 000 + Plaque + Individual Medals + FREE HARP membership
1st Place – P5, 000 + plaque + Individual Medals + FREE HARP membership
2nd Place – P3, 000 + plaque + Individual Medals + FREE HARP membership
3rd Place – P2, 000 + plaque + Individual Medals + FREE HARP membership

Cook-off mechanics

  1. Each competing team is composed of two (2) cooks or chefs
  2. Each team will be given a total of one (1) hour for food preparation, cooking and cleaning
  3. Each team must prepare a three (3) course meal in four (4) sets
    1. One (1) hot or cold appetizer
    2. One (1) main course
    3. One (1) dessert
  4.   Each team shall prepare 4 portions of appetizer, main course and dessert which will be presented to the judges and to the media.
  5.   Each team will stop their activity when the time runs out.

Contest proper

  1. All participants should arrive on time for registration and in proper attire (chef’s uniform with apron, chef’s hat, black pants and closed shoes.
  2. The organizers will provide the following items for each workstation of the Cook-off Challenge:
    1. Two (2) induction cooker
    2. One (1) long table
    3. One (1) water jug
    4. Three (3) pairs knife and fork
    5. Two (2) chopping boards
    6. One (1) frying pan
    7. One (1) sauce pan
  3. Participants can bring additional equipment, utensils, plates etc. provided they have cleared them with the event organizers.
  4. The organizers will also provide a common area with refrigerators and power outlets for additional equipment.
  5. Participants will maintain cleanliness of their workstations at all times. Judges will be monitoring the participant’s sanitation practices throughout the event.

Guidelines on dish preparation

  1. Appetizer may be hot or cold (salad, soup etc.)
  2. Main course:
    1. Can be made of pork, beef or chicken (provided by the organizer).
    2. Raw ingredients (vegetables, sidings, marinades, sauces etc. will be provided by the participants) can be pre-cut and/or pre-prepared, but not cooked in any form.
    3. Only natural ingredients may be used and all garnishes and carvings must be edible.
  3. Since our HARP Cook-off Challenge is in support of Flavors of the Philippines, the theme will be “Organic Gourmet” with a touch of Kapampangan.

Cook-off Judging Criteria




Sanitation and Hygiene

Food safety preparation & workplace


Cooking style

Professionalism and preparation


Originality and creativity

Theme: Organic Gourmet



Aesthetics of Food or Design


Presentation/ Explanation

Presentation to Judges






Criteria on Food Taste(60%)


Appetizer   25
Main Course    60
Dessert   25
Total   100

Judging decisions are final and irrevocable, and event organizers and judges hold the right to deduct points and/or disqualify participants should there be any instance where the rules were violated.


The event organizers will not be held responsible for any loss and/or damage of any items brought in by the participants, and will not be responsible for any accidents that participants might suffer throughout the event. The event organizers hold the right to change and/or modify the event at any time without prior notice.


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